How to give at Glendale Church


Glendale Church is funded through the generous donations from its members and congregation. While there is no obligation to contribute financially, all are encouraged to live generous, prayerful lives and to give as guided by the Holy Spirit and Biblical principles.


Registered as a charity

Glendale Church is registered with the Charity Commission, reference 1174300.


Treasury Team

Our Treasury team ensures that the Church complies with the Charity Commission’s rules and recommendations, and that it follows best practice, lives within its means, as well as maintains a sound financial basis for growth.  Annual accounts are professionally audited and submitted in a timely way.



Our Trustees are legally accountable for all key aspects of Church life.  This includes finance, insurance, recruitment, terms and conditions of employment, Health and Safety, Child Protection and all matters relating to compliance with the Church Constitution.



Further Info

Gift Aid, Bank details, etc

There is the opportunity to make donations in our services or through bank transfer.

If you would like to know our bank details to set-up a donation or how you can give in the most tax efficient way through the Gift Aid Scheme, please contact Eileen Dunn, our Treasurer.

For convenience, you can also download the Gift-Aid-Declaration-Form-2018


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