Mike & Sarah Adams

Mike & Sarah Adams

Signpost International Community

Mike & Sarah

For those of you who don’t know me, I (Sarah) am a member of Glendale Church. I no longer live in the Newbury area but Glendale Church partners with me in mission. In July 2017 I got married to Mike. 


Mike and I really appreciate your partnership. I hope as you read on you will be encouraged by what God is doing through us as we partner in His work.   

I love the Glendale banner with the words ’You will be my witnesses’ Acts 1:8 (motto text for 2017). It’s a great reminder to us all that we’re called to be His witnesses wherever we are.

Mike and I are members of a Mission Organisation called World Horizons, which focuses on seeing God’s Kingdom come in unreached places – places which have no church. In many of these places, people have never heard of Jesus.  The organisation is primarily a sending organisation, sending Christians out to unreached places. However, as people from many nations are now coming here, World Horizons is also establishing teams in the UK.

(If you would like to find out more about World Horizons please take a look at our website: http://worldhorizons.co.uk/)

Mike leads the World Horizons team in Swansea, which I am a part of. Currently our team is very small but as we offer God the little we have, we can see He is using us. People from many nations come to Swansea for many different reasons - to study, to find work, to practice English or as refugees. We welcome them into the Signpost International Community, inviting them to an event once a week where they can come together to practice English conversation, meet new people and have fun together. We also offer to meet up with them during the week and try to help them in practical ways such as linking them up with other organisations or churches in the city which provide English classes, toddler groups etc. This often means physically going with them the first time so that they can find their way and navigate the bus system!

People come from many different countries including China, Hong Kong, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria, Turkey, Bulgaria, Georgia, Gran Canaria, Morocco, Colombia, Mexico, Senegal, Eritrea, Sudan, Spain, Germany, Italy and France. We often have discussions with them about faith and we run a weekly Bible study for those who want to explore Christianity further. Many have never heard the gospel before.

People come from many countries

Currently six of our international friends are coming to the Bible Studies, including two ladies from China and a girl of North African descent. It has been amazing to see how God has been working in their lives. When we first met them they said they didn’t have time to study the Bible as they had to concentrate on their university studies. Now they all come to the Bible study each week and are eager to learn what the Bible says. They all now know the gospel, they know Santa isn’t in the Bible and they know how to continue to study the Bible when they return home – Bible apps on phones are amazing! They went from not having the time, to being interested from a cultural perspective, to now being interested for themselves. They haven’t made a commitment to follow Jesus yet but they have come a long way!

The lady of North African descent was particularly encouraged a couple of weeks ago as we had a Muslim background North African believer visiting us. Our friend now knows that if she decides to become a Christian she is not alone – other North African Muslims have done the same, and she has met one! Please join with us in praying for these precious ladies.