Be part of the team that makes our church services possible

Below are the roles involved for Sunday setup

Team Leader

This person is responsible for coordinating the work of the team that week. It is each team member’s responsibility to swap with someone from another team if they can’t be there, and let the team leader know if they have done this. The team leader is also the “House Manager” for the day.
They are the person empowered to make decisions in relation to health and safety and are responsible for the oversight of practical aspects of church that day, as well as making sure all tasks are carried out by the team. The team leader also needs to make sure there are four people prepared to serve communion when applicable, liaising with the service leader.

General Setup

Two able-bodied people are needed to move heavier items like chairs, tables, sound equipment etc.
This role involves bringing the trolleys and crates of items from our cupboards and getting items to the relevant parts of the building, such as coffee stuff to the kitchen, sound equipment to the worship and sound desk area, welcome stuff and notice boards to the newcomers’ area.


Two people are needed to welcome people as they arrive, one at the main door and one at the way into the main hall, from 5,40pm until 6.10pm.
Before carrying out these duties, the welcome team members are needed to ensure the aesthetics of the route into church are welcoming, and that the newcomer’s table and welcome packs are arranged ready for the coffee time at the end of the service. During the service it will be the welcome team member’s responsibility to receive the offering when prompted by the service leader and serve communion on those Sundays. These team members will then be needed to mingle with newcomers during the coffee time at the end of the service.


One person is needed to set up the sound desk with the sound technician and support the worship team in preparation for worship, to operate the desk throughout the service and pack down afterwards.
This will be with the support of general setup team members, and supporting the trained PA operator.


One person who has an eye for detail to make sure that the layout, physical atmosphere and appearance of the main hall and coffee area are to as excellent a standard as can possibly be achieved.


Two people are needed to prepare the refreshments prior to the service, serve these during the coffee time, and pack this area away at the end of the coffee time with the assistance of the general setup members of the team.


One person is needed to setup and operate the laptop/projection system throughout the service and assist with pack down at the end of the evening. This includes the loading of presentation material for publicity or to assist the preacher that morning.

Interestest in Getting Involved

We appreciate your interest in supporting what God is doing in Glendale. This form will result in the relevant team getting in touch to provide more information about the area. In general commitments tend to be on a 12 month period through a rota.

Additional Evening service details
All volunteer team members are needed from 5pm until 8.30pm for the evening service. The aim is for everything to be ready by 5.45pm.To give space at the end of the service for prayer ministry to take place and to enable team members to get a coffee, PLEASE DO NOT BEGIN PACK-DOWN UNTIL 7.45pm.Tasks may be completed earlier than 8.30pm, but please make sure that you are all around until all the necessary tasks are completed.
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