At Christmastime we often use the word ‘peace’ in our greetings to others, whether through Christmas cards, carols or in our conversations.  But what is peace, and how is it connected to the Christmas story?

One broad definition of peace is the ‘absence of war’.  The other definition is ‘freedom from disturbance; tranquility’.  This is something I’m sure we’d all love to experience, especially in a world that is so riddled with things that have the potential to disturb us.  Things such as fear; health problems; addiction; debt; conflict in our relationships; stressful jobs; regrets; guilt about things we wish we hadn’t done; shame and hatred, all keep us from experiencing true peace.

That’s where the link to Christmas comes in.  Jesus is referred to as the Prince of Peace, and in Isaiah 53:1-6 we see why.  When He hung on the cross (the ultimate reason why He came), it says He took our guilt, shame, wrongdoing, sicknesses and sorrows upon Himself.  He deals with our mess, and we get to participate in an unhindered and lifegiving relationship with our Creator.  It really is fantastic news and is definitely worth celebrating!

Whatever is trying to disturb your inner peace this Christmastime, remember that you can access God’s supernatural peace and hand those things over to Him. 

The Christ of Christmas is also the Christ of Easter.  The Stable, the Cross and the Empty Tomb are all part of the same wonderful story of God coming to dwell among us.